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The Mitchams

Innkeeping & Innsitting Services

The most important thing you can do is make the distinction between customer service and guest hospitality. You need both things to thrive, but they are completely different.
— Danny Meyer


We are Amy & Joshua Mitcham and welcome to our website.  We are following our dreams of becoming innkeepers and eventual Bed & Breakfast proprietors.  We are a professional couple who work together to provide you a worry free opportunity to get away from your bed and breakfast, or manage your business from a comfortable distance.  We believe that it is important to hire someone you can trust, whether it is for a few days or a year, and you can count on us to handle your innkeeping needs.  

We can keep your business open and see that your inn and its staff are managed with sensitivity and attention to detail.  We know how to care for your current guests, land prospective guests and manage your reservation system so that you can be assured you do not miss any future guests in your absence.

We pride ourselves on our extensive hospitality and customer service experience which allows us to go the extra mile to treat your guests as our own.  We have experience managing inns from 5 - 25 rooms, so we are not afraid of any challenges!  We are available to work anywhere in the United States.

Please inquire with us directly for a quote or for any offers of employment.




We are based out of Washington, Michigan

Currently working in Elk, California

☎ CONTACT (248)-408-2478

Our Promise

Customer service

Calm, professional customer service is something that we guarantee when you hire The Mitchams.  We believe in keeping a cool, level head even in difficult situations! Each with over 10 years in professional customer service experience, we guarantee satisfaction.


We believe that honesty is the most important quality when hiring an innkeeper for any amount of time.  You need to know that you can trust your business and future in their hands.  We promise to remain honest with any and all aspects during our service and after.


Hospitality is one of our main concerns while innkeeping.  We want all of our guests to not just feel comfortable, but to feel at home.  We believe in going above and beyond expectations to deliver the full experience for each guest. 


We promise to not only guarantee our moral ethic and honesty, but our work ethic as well.  We will maintain a full daily schedule as if you were there yourself.  Whether that includes housekeeping, gardening, cooking, handyman services or regular administrative duties we will deliver.

Attention to detail

We promise to provide attention to detail that would rival your own!  We believe that it's the little touches that really make a difference, from the way it smells when a guest walks in the door to having extra amenities on hand in case they've forgotten something.

Willingness to learn

We are always willing to learn the ways of your operation and pair it with our experience in order to provide exactly what you need.  Every Inn is different, and we aim to showcase that in our services.