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Where We Are & Where We Are Going


Washington, Michigan

While working in our hometown of Washington, Michigan I had been playing around with the idea for the past few years of becoming an innkeeper.  I brought it up to Joshua in September 2016 and he was immediately on board with the drastic lifestyle change.  

We were working as a life insurance agent / administrative assistant and a warehouse manager prior to jumping into the innkeeping lifestyle.  We were both tired of being away from each other for 50+ hours a week, coming home and making dinner, going to bed and starting all over again the next day.  While we enjoyed the companies we worked for, we were fading into the grind.

By October we had applied to dozens of jobs across the country.  With little direct experience at the time, we were offered a surprising amount of interviews!  By November, we were offered  a position at the Westborough Inn in Westborough, Massachusetts.  The very next day we put in our 2 week notice at our jobs.  Within the next 20 days, we packed up our tiny little Hyundai Accent (how did we even fit anything?!) with our belongings and began the ~700 mile trip to our new home and our new life!

Talk about taking the leap!