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Westborough, Massachusetts

We have been innkeeping in Westborough, Massachusetts since November 2016.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here working with a wonderful staff and guests throughout this winter season.  This is a 25 - room inn that has given us the experience we were seeking in managing a larger property.  While the Inn has presented it's challenges, from a flooding basement to a melted electrical panel (on the same day!!), we've persisted in repairing these issues from start to finish and preventing future problems.  

We have been working closely with the owners to begin upgrades in the decor of the Inn, personally installing and selecting room accents that showcase the charm that this historic building has to offer while maintaining a homey atmosphere.

 I think we will be wrapping up our contract with a positive outcome from all sides and the knowledge to assist us in the future!  We look forward to working along the East Coast again!