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Woolwine, Virginia

Hi There!

Thank you for checking in on us.  We have officially moved to Woolwine, Virginia while working at the Mountain Rose Inn!  The inn is absolutely beautiful, the family we are working for is wonderful and we are enjoying every moment here so far!

We are one month into our contract here and I can't imagine a better place!  Virginia's weather is so beautiful, and much warmer compared to the April snows Michigan has been receiving!  Joshua and I are so happy to be reunited with Vito and Catticus.  It's been a dream having our whole family unit together again!  

Woolwine is probably the most welcoming city I have ever been to.  Everyone here has gone out of their way to make us feel at home and give us insight to the local culture!  And I must say, the Mountain Rose Inn has some amazing guests!  We've met such wonderful people passing through on vacations, visiting for NASCAR and we even planned a wedding on a 3 days notice!  Whew, did I mention we are only one month in?!

I just wanted to update and leave a note about how much we are loving it here in the mountains, meeting new friends and getting to know the culture of the community.  Innkeeping has really opened up our life to such amazing experiences!  

Until next time!