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Rates & Services

Rates & Services


We understand that every Inn is unique and therefore compensation will vary.  We offer excellent service and the highest customer satisfaction.  We do not nickel and dime you for each service offered, rather tailor a package of our services to your needs.  Our goal is to achieve a positive experience in all aspects of our relationships.  Feel free to send us the dates and services you require for your Inn and we will be happy to give you a quote.  

Our Services Include


 Staff Management

We value the team effort it takes to keep the wheels turning.  In the past, we have both thrived in leadership roles where staff management was a key part in the operation.  We are able to efficiently train, schedule and mediate a staff of any size.  


kitchen & laundry

From housekeeping to working in the kitchen, we are able to provide those simple touches that make a guest feel at home.  Amy has an extensive list of recipes that are tried and true, from her Better Than Moms' Banana Bread to scrumptious blueberry scones or frittatas that never let a guest down!  

social media & marketing

Maintaining the integrity of your public image is an inseparable part of your business.  We are well acquainted with the various Social Media platforms to maintain your existing pages, as well as establishing them.  We are also familiar with many of the Online Travel Agencies that are essential to this business, so we can keep up with guest reviews and exposing your business to potential guests. 

guest relations & concierge

We are dedicated to providing the best service to our guests and clients.  We impose a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make our guests feel at home and taken care of.  We maintain a professional but comfortable presence when dealing with guests in person, by phone or email and ensure a smooth check in and check out for everyone.

Garden & Lawn Care

We enjoy being outdoors and working in the sun.  Maintaining your lawn and garden, within reasonable size, would be our pleasure at no extra cost.  


light bookkeeping & accounting

We are experienced in Quickbooks and Microsoft programs and fully capable to confidently manage your Petty Cash spreadsheets, registers and revenue if your Inn requires it.  We are able to provide you with analytical reports for your records.  You can be confident that your funds are in safe hands.


Reservation Channel Management

Managing the reservations for any hospitality business can be daunting.  You can trust that we will take care of managing channels, making sure that each reservation is recorded and that your business is utilizing the channels to their full potential. 


General Maintenance

While we are quite a team at putting in blinds or other decor installation, Joshua has proved himself handy with general home maintenance.  From toilet repairs to installing a garbage disposal, we can execute the simple home repairs that plague property management.

and more!

There are a variety of other services that we offer that are not listed.  Each Inn is unique and requires a different set of services.  Please contact us if there are any services not mentioned that you will be requiring.